Project Planning Workbook by Kim Button

DIY Project Planning Workbook

Learn how to create step-by-step plans for any DIY project,
so you can take it from Concept to Complete.

What If You Could Do It?

What if you could get your DIY project out of your head, and into action now?

This guide will help you plan everything you need for any DIY project.  It will take you from dreaming about your project, to laying out the steps and planning your tasks, through actually getting it done.

My Exact Steps

This workbook will walk you through the exact process that I use to plan out my own DIY projects.  It will take you from planning, to doing, to finishing your project.

Here's What You Get

  • Instant access to a 20-page printable workbook that will guide your through how to plan out the exact steps for any DIY project.
  • Two checklists, four planning tables, scheduling tools, and a creative way to keep track of all your purchases and expenses.​
  • Methods and references for measuring your project space, and calculating lengths and areas so you buy exactly the right amount of materials you'll need.​

Project Planning Workbook

Don't just dream about your DIY project - Get it done!

You'll get immediate access to download the printable workbook and tackle all of your DIY projects.

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“I've done many DIY projects over the years, and there's always something I realize I've forgotten to get in advance, or I spend time trying to locate details from a related past project. This checklist is comprehensive and made me think of documenting things that I would have otherwise forgotten. It will definitely be a part of my next home project!”

Renee G.
“Jenny, your guide is AWESOME. Really comprehensive and well-designed.”
Jennie M.

Wondering Whether You Need a Workbook?

This is For You If:

  • You're dreaming of a DIY project, but aren't really sure how to get started.
  • Your project seems overwhelming, and you need help getting your plans and ideas organized.
  • You need a guide to make sure you have the supplies and tools you need for your project, without breaking the bank.
  • You love checklists to walk you through doing every step of your project.

This is NOT For You If:

  • You're a DIY pro and already have your own project planning methods totally nailed.
  • You already know how to gather your tools and supplies, bring in help, schedule your work, and get your projects done.
  • Working in a scattered and inefficient way doesn't bother you.  In fact, it's what you do best.
  • You don't mind giving up and leaving a project unfinished, taunting you as it sits half done.